Football video: Mario Balotelli smashes his groin into the post

Posted by - March 6, 2009 - Football videos, Italy, Oddballs

Inter striker does a mid-air Phil Babb

Inter Milan striker Mario Balotelli suffered a bit of a painful incident this week after jumping into the goal-post during a match against Sampdoria on Wednesday night. It looks painful on first viewing, as Balotelli seemingly allowed both his head and his manhood to rebound Off The Post.

The youngster smiled as he walked away from the incident, only to collapse moments later complaining of breathing problems. And probably a sickening feeling in his stomach, we imagine. Tests revealed that Balotelli had suffered trauma to the groin.

Doctors wanted him to stay in hospital overnight under observation, but he discharged himself and was training again the next day. Phil Babb is still the master though. Relive that moment after the jump.