Football video: Scott Parker is a fish out of water

Posted by - March 5, 2009 - Football videos, West Ham, Wigan Athletic

Must… get back… to… water

As we concluded, an angry Lee Cattermole’s attempt at revenge against West Ham last night was pretty woeful and the Wigan midfielder deserved his red card. But equally as criminal as the challenge itself was Scott Parker’s attempts to convey to referee Stuart Attwell just how bad the challenge was. He won’t be winning any Oscars for this, unless they have introduced a Best Artistic Interpretation of a Dying Fish category.

Video spotted on Dirty Tackle

  • Danny P

    I don’t know… trying to get a player sent off that has just tried to break your leg…. Shocking behavior…

  • Marcus Lowery

    Pure theate reminded me of klinsmann in the 80’s

  • Gray Tew

    While it may look to be an over the top reaction, I’d love to see the reaction from Rob Parker if we were to virtually split his groin in two, whilst twisting his knees…
    Always the same that certain people are quick to jump on people, when they have no idea just what kind of pain was involved. Rob is obviously the type of person who belives that women suffer hardly any pain when in labour!!!

  • Steve Bruces Nose

    Wigan are Dirty B/Tards

  • Rob Parker

    “Rob is obviously the type of person who belives that women suffer hardly any pain when in labour!!!”

    Yes, that much was obvious from this post…

  • Basil Brush

    Ha Ha Ha Bum Bum, Wet spam should be ashamed of themselves

  • Mick

    Leave off that was a shocking attempt of a tackle and deserved a red !!

    All I can say is at least Neill done the mug.

    Another good turn out at the JJB I see, LOL you lot are a joke.

  • alan freeman

    micheal brown and cattermole, dirty c*#ts, who are lucky to stay on the pitch any game !
    parker just showed how tough he was, to come back from a dirty challenge like that.

  • Mick

    Parker is mustard……

    Attendance: 14,169… enough said

  • Rob

    Rob Parker you are a c%nt. I would love to tackle you like that from behind and see your response.
    Wigan are damn lucky to have Cole sent of in the first, and even with 10 on 11 they still had no endeavor.
    Well done Scotty for getting up and returning to the match.

  • jim

    West ham made most Wigan players(Cattermole excepted) look like a bunch of saints.
    Dirty jellied eel munching tw@ts

  • Jan

    Ever heard of a sense of humour boys? We Brits are supposed to be good at it! I do not condone dirty play, bad sportsmanship in any way, shape or form, in any sport not just the beautiful game. However, if you take another look he does look like ‘a fish out of water’
    As for the labour pains, yes they hurt but if you writhed around like that…. it a long way down to the floor!!!!!!

  • Bob

    Parker, what a silly f*cker.

  • jim

    what bob said!!!