Guus Hiddink revives Kevin Keegan’s ‘I would love it’ rant

Posted by - March 3, 2009 - Chelsea, Manchester United, Oddballs

Chelsea boss throws scraps to tabloid hacks

Guus Hiddink sparked a frenzy of Photoshop activity among Britain’s red-top newspapers as he uttered the four magic words that journalists have had their ears trained to hear from Premier League title contenders since 1996.

Having heard the Chelsea coach say “I would love it”, the journalists – possibly howling in the style of wolves – headed back to their more technical-minded colleagues to instruct them to make Guus wear headphones. The graphics guys at the Mirror (top) and The Sun (bottom) both came up trumps as you can see.

Asked about the possibility of Sir Alex Ferguson winning five trophies this season, Hiddink said: “I’d love to stop him. I hope we can stop him.”

Doesn’t quite have the blind rage rant qualities of Keegan’s effort, which you can watch now: