Hard Tackle: Vincenzo Iaquinta can’t get enough of Pavel Nedved’s ass

Posted by - March 23, 2009 - Hard Tackle

“Great goal! That deserves 20 rubs of your buttocks.”

Pavel Nedved’s volley against Roma at the weekend was stunning (and well worth watching this video for alone) but equally stunning was the celebration. Juventus’ players huddled around Nedved giving Vincenzo Iaquinta – possibly thinking he was out of sight of the watching millions – the opportunity to engage in some sort of backside massage. We know a friendly pat on the bum has become run-of-the-mill in football celebrations, but this is a bit out of the ordinary.

Thanks to OTP reader Lupek for the spot.

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  • http://www.blahsports.com nathan

    its like the going to the bathroom/shaking it rule, right? too many slaps a la Iaquinta would be considered playing with it!

  • Zekky

    That was the only moment of the game I happened to see and it was almost as bad as the humping celebration on Pro Evolution soccer!

  • Kasia

    Pavel is to retire soon, so Iaquinta wanted to give him some extra pats before saying goodbye!

  • http://www.sportsrubbish.com Jonathan

    If playing bongos on another man’s ass is wrong, Vincenzo Iaquinta doesn’t want to be right.