Has Umbro washed its hands of the last three England kits?

Posted by - March 25, 2009 - England, Kitman, Oddballs

Missing – presumed crap:

England kit manufacturer Umbro seems to have gone into denial over the existence of its last three England kits. No sooner had I posted this photo of what is possibly the new England shirt than an email landed in my inbox from Tease Marketing who, as this page shows, are helping Umbro to launch the new home kit.

The April Fool’s Day release date is now looking increasingly appropriate. Umbro’s account executive Eleah Tomei begins the email: “It’s been seven years since England’s national football team has donned a new kit. Thus, it’s appropriate they brought in the well-respected and loyal English sportswear supplier Umbro (a subsidiary of NIKE, Inc) to tackle the coveted task.”


Even making the pretty big assumption that this is referring only to home kits and excluding the shirt that England were wearing seven years ago, there has been three new England kits in the last seven years. And on each occasion “well-respected and loyal English sportswear supplier Umbro” was brought in “to tackle the coveted task”. It was something to do with the contract they have with the FA, I think…

As you can see, they didn’t complete the coveted task particularly well on any of the three occasions.

Perhaps Umbro (a subsidiary of NIKE, Inc) should hire a marketing company that has a clue about football.

UPDATE: From the aforementioned Eleah Tomei: “I was referring to the crest, and it was not conveyed properly. The crest has not been changed in nearly seven years, and the kit will display a newly crafted crest as well.”

So it should have read ‘It’s been seven years since England’s national football team has donned a new crest’? OK, glad we cleared that one up…

  • http://www.kiljadn.net Nick

    Oddly enough, only the middle one out of the three above ISN’T crap. The other two look like someone threw up a kit. At least the most recent home white one isn’t nearly as bad as the god-awful away one in red.

  • http://www.trulyreds.com Phil Mellor

    I agree with you. Umbro (which is a part of NIKE) doesn’t spend time and effort to improve their kits design (in general – see Sweden and Norway kit) … I would like to see England wearing adidas..which i believe will bring something nice for english fans.