Iker Casillas has very sensitive eyes

Posted by - March 15, 2009 - Football videos

Real Madrid keeper may have to adopt Edgar Davids’ goggles

How do we know this? Well, first of all Iker’s eyes seemed to be watering constantly from the moment Liverpool went 3-0 up against Real Madrid last Tuesday night. And now we have the evidence above, which clearly shows that being shoved in the chest causes excruciating pain in Casillas’ eyes. Athletic Bilbao’s Fran Yeste saw a red card for this push on the Spain international.

It seemed to have a damaging long-term effect on Casillas if his handling for Athletic’s second goal is anything to go by. See the video after the jump.

Real ran out comfortable 2-5 winners after Yeste’s dismissal. And Athletic later had substitute Ion Velez sent-off – from the comfort of the bench!

  • Me

    sounds like a very biased article. The red card was well deserved. The push was intentional and there was no ball in play. this article makes it sound like Yeste’s dismissal was the reason they lost. Whereas, Real played better as Bilbao played aggressively with no style.

  • http://www.offthepost.info Rob Parker

    Sounds like a very biased comment! At no point did I say the red card wasn’t deserved – you can expect to be sent-off if you shove someone like that. But can you point out at what stage Casillas’ face and eyes were injured in the incident?

    Also, it was 2-2 at half-time so Athletic were doing OK for themselves. They just couldn’t cope with 10 men against Real’s 11. So, yes, it was the reason why they lost so heavily.

  • Haha

    hahahah really. funny i loved the article. i think casillas is hot so if he’s quite sensitive, even better.

  • Me

    It is good to know all comments are biased because after all, they are comments (people’s opinions) When you play in a game and somebody pushes you, you can touch your face, your arms, your legs to find out if anything has happened to you so I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  • guess who?

    If you look closely it almost looked like did hit casillas in the left eye a bit though. Like the guy’s head hit him a bit… poor baby!