Is the US government going to hunt down Ryan Giggs?

Posted by - March 22, 2009 - Manchester United, Oddballs

Barack wants United veteran’s bonus back

With all the controversy over the huge bonuses paid to employees of bailed-out US financial group AIG, we couldn’t help but notice that an ageing employee by the name of Ryan Giggs picked up a bonus from AIG at around the time in question.

AIG’s shirt sponsorship of Manchester United has become a source of embarrassment for the US government as American taxpayers’ money is effectively funding the champions’ failing title bid. And while AIG employers were being paid the controversial bonuses, Giggs put his name to a one-year extension to his United contract (presumably with a signing-on fee).

Are we going to see Barack Obama chasing Giggs down and tearing up the contract?!

  • scousenotenglish

    Maybe President Obama could consider keeping guantanamo bay open for a little while longer for Giggs and other such ne’er do wells. I feel that messers Rooney and Ronaldo would benefit from a short sentence (say, 6 years) to enable them to recover their self control and dicipline.

  • http://google sky

    that is what i was thinkin. but i might be wrong