Is this Cristiano Ronaldo giving Liverpool fans the finger?

Posted by - March 17, 2009 - Football videos, Liverpool, Manchester United

Yes, unless someone borrowed a Bentley to pull of this hoax!

This shaky mobile phone footage shows Liverpool fans unleashing a barrage of verbal abuse on Cristiano Ronaldo as he drives alongside them in his Bentley Continental GT. C-Ron eventually succumbs to temptation, give the Reds supporters the middle finger salute, and proves that his motor has slightly more horse power than their minibus! We can’t really blame Ronaldo for responding, but we would suggest he keeps both hands on the steering wheel at all times in the wake of recent events.

Second hat-tip of the day to Dirty Tackle, who may or may not be the evil geniuses behind a plan to catch footballers doing embarrassing things in their cars.

  • Satha

    Not surprising. Why did the Liverpool fans shout at him? Because he is a cheat who dives and fools the referees. Why did he respond with his middle finger? What else can you expect from a low-class player.

  • Gary

    a low-class player? hahahaha.
    yes, okay, sure Ronaldo’s a low-lass player.
    he blatently doesn’t fool the ref’s either, cause he got booked for ‘diving’ against spurs in the carling cup final. and he got booked against fulhum/nearly sent off.