This was the new England kit

Posted by - March 26, 2009 - England, Kitman

UPDATE: For those of you who have been following the progress of this story, it was the new England kit. Unfortunately, the image belonged to a well-known publisher who owns the copyright to the image. The photograph that appeared in the story below has now been removed to reflect this.

If you didn’t see it, it is very much retro-inspired. It looks almost like a polo shirt and is plain white apart from a red Umbro logo and the new-look Three Lions logo.

Please, please, please, let it be this one

After the horrendous chavvy training top that was being touted as England’s new kit, this photograph has filled me with hope once more.

It is supposedly leaked from the new Umbro catalogue, which is officially due to surface after England play Slovakia on Saturday. If this retro effort is the real deal then I will be very impressed (especially compared to that first ‘leak’).

Some elements of the photo look slightly Photoshopped, but promisingly it does feature the much talked about new logo.

Do you reckon this is the real thing? Click here to pre-order the new kit, whatever it may look like!

  • OmegaSupreme

    That’s mo’ like it. It may accentuate moobs though !

  • Sonny Boy

    This obviously photoshopped badly.

  • Rob Parker

    Yeah, as I said in the post, it does look a bit Photoshopped in places but I’m still clinging on to the hope that this could be the shirt!

  • Mr. Chopper

    This IS the shirt. Football Shirt Culture were sent a cease and desist about it earlier on in the week. If you watch the videos, it matches up perfectly.

    Check it out on to see what idiots think of the shirt. I repeat, idiots.

  • MarkVA

    that is the most ordinary looking shirt ever.
    nothing stands out except it’s exceptional lack of creativity
    all that hype for this boring of a product???