Meet David Beckham’s new LA Galaxy coach

Posted by - March 16, 2009 - MLS & US, Oddballs

Is Becks really going to take instruction from this man?

Give a warm OTP welcome to Andy Bridgman. Andy is a police community support officer from Surrey. If you didn’t know, that is a sort of civilian police employee who gives up hours of their time despite having very few powers for the kick of parading round the streets in a uniform.

In what sounds like the script to an over-hyped British comedy film, Andy has been plucked from obscurity as a (seemingly very good) PCSO to be appointed as LA Galaxy’s new coach! It sounds unreal, but it is the truth.

Andy said: “How many people get this kind of opportunity? Not only to play football full-time but also to work alongside the top teams in America? It’s fantastic. At first I thought, it’s not real.”

On leaving his job in Horley, he added: “I am extremely sad to be leaving Horley. I wouldn’t have left for anything other than this opportunity. But David Beckham is arguably one of England’s greatest football players and the chance to be coaching him was just too good to miss.”

Andy has taken a 12-month career break to take the job after being approached by an MLS coaching scout last year.