Nicklas Bendtner can’t score for Arsenal, and he doesn’t want anyone else scoring either

Posted by - March 18, 2009 - Arsenal, Oddballs

A jealous Dane

Given Nicklas Bendtner’s numerous missed chances against Blackburn at the weekend, you would have thought the Arsenal striker might be grateful for someone bailing him out by firing the Gunners to victory. Clearly not.

This photo of Andrei Arshavin celebrating after scoring his sexy goal first goal for the club shows just how delighted Bendtner was with his team-mate’s wonderful solo effort. The misfiring Dane is left to look on forlornly as he uses the net as some sort of self-imposed jail.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s ox/finishing skills, Nicklas.

  • sam


  • joxer

    *cough* is this thing on?

  • rumour Mill

    Honestly, stop creating these sort of rumours? Anyone can make what they want of that picture – so…u know!!!

  • Rob Parker

    I’d love to hear alternative theories. He doesn’t seem to be very happy that his team has just scored really.

  • potter

    Strange pass for Van Persie last night. Does’nt exactly fit your scenario though.

  • williamhill

    lol. nice

  • steve

    if you watch the replays, he’s running full bore towards goal and subsequently right into it in case arshavin squared the ball for him. right after this picture was taken, he ran over to congratulate arshavin, so no sour grapes there.

    however, the timing on this picture is great and it is rather funny.

  • Louwrens

    Just discovered your blog Rob, I love it. I’d forgotten how good Pies was, and now it’s sort of like it’s back. Almost.

  • http://www.myspace/richiaquaphoenix Limey

    Bender has already claimed to be a better player than Arshavin. It’s too late to stop rumours. Bender has a lot of lonely nights practicing tap ins.

  • Mads

    Arsharvin = Suck Ass
    Bendtner = Kick Ass !! 😛