Ray Winstone backs the FA’s Respect campaign

Posted by - March 23, 2009 - Adverts and Commercial, Football videos

Hollywood hardman is reffin’ and blindin’

Mild-mannered actor and West Ham fan Ray Winstone has lent his support to the FA’s Respect campaign in this new commercial. Winstone takes on the part of an over-enthusiastic dad giving it a bit of verbal and a more laidback narrator who is happy just to watch the action.

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    Come on you irons

  • bobby oshea

    Absolutly first class video
    I was a manager of a boys team for 9 years and gave up my weekend to try and
    build a team of young boys who could become the future of football.

    I Can understand how a referee feels when he get abused verbal for managers on the touchline from week to week.

    They only get paid £20.00 per match which covers there expenses to and from the matches.

    Managers do get frustraited when decisions go the wrong way and expecially when you team is losing.

    Referees should be treated with more respect because without them in the middle you would’t have a game.