Steven Taylor continues his mission to behead the Premier League’s top talent

Posted by - March 23, 2009 - Arsenal, Football videos, Newcastle United

Newcastle defender on the warpath

Newcastle’s Steven Taylor was one of the best players on the park before injury forced him off the field, spurring Arsenal on to victory on Saturday. Unfortunately, his performance will be overshadowed by a nasty case of deja vu.

Less than three weeks after his controversial slap on Cristiano Ronaldo, Taylor shoved Arsenal’s Andrei Arshavin in the face. And the Russian squealed just as loudly as C-Ron!

  • Aziz, KL-Malaysia

    Referee gave no card, nothing. Well the FA could then look into this, but since it is an Arsenal player and not ManU nothing will happen I guess. The FA continues to give great encouragement to such players like Taylor & Co. .

  • RobM

    I know it won’t happen but if people who do this spent the rest of the season suspended then it wouldn’t be too long before it stopped happening.

  • Terence McGovern

    The ref wasn’t watching but Karma was eh. The Gunners score the pivotal goal when Taylor was receiving treatment off the pitch. The look of sheer despair on his face made my weekend. Its a pity realy because there was a time tha Newcastle played decent football but I suppose when you add a thug like wise into he mix its gonna sour.

  • thai

    umm.. that and ryan taylor’s headlock on clichy.
    ref is ridiculous.. not even 1 yellow for newcastle