That shot was a metre off target. Now you must take a ball to the face

Posted by - March 11, 2009 - Football videos, International, Oddballs

Hardcore training with Uzbekistan national team

This video seems to be fake, but I can’t workout why someone would go to the effort of creating it. The spiel on YouTube says this is the Uzbekistan national team in training. The point being that Australia had better be worried about their upcoming match given the accuracy of their shooting. Was this really the best way of proving that point though?

One unfortunate player doesn’t get his shot through the target and is forced to create a new target with his face. Sadly for him, the player taking a shot afterwards is in better form.

Spotted on The Offside

  • nathan –

    Nike advert giving the balls that they are using? Reminds me of the commercials done with Rooney running around kicking balls as some guys and targets.