The Daft Punt

Posted by - March 27, 2009 - Betting

OTP’s fortnightly betting column

As a rule, Premier League football is more important than international football to a lot of people. But that is just an excuse to be even more inventive with your bets. If you don’t really care about the results, what is there to lose?

The fact that England are playing in a ridiculously meaningless friendly makes this even more significant. You may well have to create your own excitement this weekend, so here are a few ideas as to how.

First goal in the England v Slovakia game to be scored between the 41st minute and half-time. This is a good one to use when you are watching with a few mates. Each of you should bet on a time slot for when the first goal will be scored. Then, you have reason to care about who gets the breakthrough, even in an international friendly. Personally, I’m going for a goal just before the break for England. Place £5 on this to win £42.

For there to be between 10 and 12 corners in the England v Slovakia game. This type of bet makes your mentality change as the game goes on. At first, you are willing every shot to be deflected wide. But as the 10th corner is won in the 75th minute, you start preying for goal-kicks to be awarded. So much so, that if you were asked for the score of the game – you wouldn’t have a clue! Place £5 on this to win £15.50.

Scotland to be winning in Holland at half-time, but going on to lose the match. If you have read my column for Off the Post in the past, you will know that I love this type of bet. Basically, you are betting on Scotland to start well, but then to completely mess it up in the second half. You’ll go from cheering for a team, to hoping they concede every time the opposition attacks in the space of 45 minutes. Good times! Place £5 on this to win £185.00.

Lithuania to keep a clean sheet against France. The French have struggled in qualifying so far and their hosts for the evening, Lithuania, have won three out of their four games. I expect Thierry Henry and co to have another frustrating evening. Place £5 on this to win £21.00

Five goals or more to be scored in the South Korea v Iraq game. Normally, this is a game that many football fans wouldn’t be that concerned about. Why not make it interesting and bet on the amount of goals that are going to be scored? You’ll be amazed how much you will celebrate Luay Salah’s consolation goal for Iraq in the final minutes to make it 4-1. Place £5 on this to £75.

There you have it then. There are a few ideas for you to make this weekend’s international football a little bit more exciting. Be inventive, have some fun and win some money! The perfect weekend?
Throw in a few pints and yeah, I think it might just be.