Top 10 bling-tastic footballers

Posted by - March 27, 2009 - Lists

The beautiful game’s kings of bling

1. David Beckham
Football’s undisputed king of bling. Probably only uses Gucci toilet roll. Changes his image on a Madonna-esque basis, and the cars and jewellery is updated just as frequently. In fact, the only bling accessory Becks has that has gone out of fashion is his wife.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo
The Manchester United winger was forced to introduce his own line of clothing as regular retailers do not meet his accepted rhinestone per square inch quota. Add into the equation the earrings, watches and the cars (some of which he as even avoided crashing) and C-Ron had to feature prominently on our list.

3. Djibril Cisse

The Sunderland striker has the most bling barnet in football – changing the colour of his hair and/or beard about as often as he changes his socks. He has also got, at the last count, three zillion tattoos. Among his blingorrific car collection is a white Hummer decked out in Louis Vuitton interior. Need we say more?

4. Micah Richards
Earned the nickname Mr Bling in the press amid rumours that his lavish purchases had replaced football as his primary concern. Richards has rejected talk that his diamond earring addiction affects his form. He said: “I’ve not come from much and I’m just enjoying myself. I’ll still wear earrings. That’s my personal choice – it doesn’t matter what people say.”

5. Ashley Cole
Just about clung onto his number one bling accessory, wife Cheryl. Only just though. His protracted move to Chelsea and subsequent autobiography effectively centred on the quantities of bling Cashley required. And who could forget those National Lottery adverts?

6. William Gallas
Upped the ante in the bling motor stakes recently when he was spotted (not that this was a difficult thing to do) driving his new chrome Mercedes McLaren.

7. Marlon King
Aside from the fact that his name rhymes with the word bling, nice motors and the usual footballers trappings, Marlon also boasts some dental bling. We all know that dentists have more subtle ways of correcting these problems without resorting to gold teeth unless you have a point to prove.

8. Wayne Rooney
By rights, a ginger, stocky Scouser should not be featuring on this list, but it is amazing what a nice big contract and a book deal can do for you! Wazza has the usual footballer trappings. He jumps up the bling stakes because of his shameless wooing a rappers, including paying £20,000 at David Beckham’s charity auction for the right to hang out with P-Diddy.

9. Darius Vassell
Those in the know reckon bling is outwardly looking expensively put together even if reality is a bit further from the truth. So how could we leave out the man who was mugged for £23,000 worth of bling while disputing a taxi fare with a cabbie?!

10. Rio Ferdinand
Claims to have left his bling image behind him, but the word ‘Rio’ and ‘bling’ are still as linked in our heads as ‘Rio’ and ‘merked’. The high-powered cars (and subsequent speeding cases), jewellery, high-profile contract negotiations, and dabblings with the worlds of TV, music and fashion all point to bling.

Who have we misssed?