Top 10 England shirts

Posted by - March 31, 2009 - England, International, Kitman, Lists

As requested, following our worst England kits here are the best

1. England third shirt, 1970
England’s World Cup defence might have been ill-fated, but at least they crashed out in style. All three shirts available to the squad were amazing, but we have plumped for the light blue third kit. Did the Aertex material keep England cool in the Mexican heat? We don’t know, but it certainly kept them looking cool.

2. England away shirt, 1966
An icon of footballing fashion. It probably helps that we won the World Cup wearing it, but this is one of the few examples of where England’s away shirt was better than the home.

3. England home shirt, 2009
Yes, we rate it that highly. It follows in the footsteps of the two above in OTP’s opinion. A slice of timeless cool we never expected to see from a modern day Umbro.

4. England home shirt, 1980
Another classic. Produced by Admiral during one of the FA’s stints away from Umbro. Fans of this shirt moan that it was the best England kit of all time worn by the worst England side of all time.

5. England home shirt, 1966
As stated above, the red was best but that doesn’t make the white bad. Another 1966 classic. When I think of the white kit I think Jack Charlton, and when I think of the red its Bobby Moore.
6. England home shirt, 1990
Again, the fact that the team performed so well in it probably helps but England’s Italia 90 shirt has gone down as a classic. The fact that England play in white probably saved it from some potentially garish fashion of the time.

7. England away shirt, 2000
A classy shirt which was underworn by the England squad. The material was unusually thick, perhaps it was not favoured by the pros for this reason, but it certainly looked good. A bit too rugby-ish argue the critics, but it was something a bit different.

8. England home shirt, 1996
Jules Rimet was indeed gleaming, and so were the white shirts with the Three Lions on. Is it the memories yet again? Possibly, but you still see this one knocking about quite often and it has stood the test of time better than some 1990s England shirts.

9. England home shirt, 1974
Another admiral effort. Jimmy Greaves compared them to a pair of pyjamas, but OTP likes them. And we can’t be alone – England kept this shirt for six years!

10. England home shirt, 2000
England’s first roundneck effort in a decade was simple but effective. A shame the then that the team underperformed so badly in it.

  • Alex D

    they all look the same to me, what about the one with the red cross on the shoulder

  • Ab

    In the top 10 worst shirts, you mention some as being boring(like the last home shirt). How could some of the above shirts(no 5 for example) which are just blank be less boring than the ones in the worst shirts article?

  • Rob Parker

    It just looks cool, Ab. It’s all subjective, obviously, but to me that is a million times better than the last home kit. Classic style is the phrase I keep coming back to.

  • cooltudor

    like the number 3, so colorful

  • Mohamed S.

    Frankly, I find the new England shirt to be very very bland, I like Retro and all but that just seem like a white T-shirt with an Umbro and 3 Lions logo stamped on it.

    Though #2’s a classic.

  • Bring England’s 82 Shirt Back

    Bring back England’s legendary 1982 shirt back!

  • andrzejvillan

    Love the pale blue kit, but the number should be red and the lions on the shirt were embroidered straight onto the blue shirt with no white background (with a few exceptions), Umbro should know this as the produced the shirts in the first place!