Top 10 football shirt typos

Posted by - March 4, 2009 - Kitman, Lists

When kitmen take crack
1. Thomas Zusczcak
OK, I will freely admit that I have to look Kuszczak up every time I write it, but even I know that the first letter is a K! Unfortunately, the Man Utd kitman didn’t ahead of an FA Cup tie with Crewe.

2. Liedzon
When Sporting Lisbon striker Liedson made his debut for the club, the shirt printers managed to put the S back to front and looking almost like a Z. When he scored in his first game, the newly-named striker decided to keep the Z for the rest of the season.

3. Chrystal Palace
The only club effort in our selection. Preparing for life in the Premier League, the Eagles took delivery of their new Diadora-supplied shirts from a Romanian factory only to later notice a spelling error on a logo at the bottom of the shirt had rendered them as Chrystal Palace.

4. David Beckam
He may have become a global marketing brand since, but back in 1997 not even the Man Utd kitman was sure how to spell Goldenballs’ surname.

5. David Betnley
The other DB has also suffered at the hands of a dyslexic kitman. Presumably the same chap who got the T and the N the wrong way round in Santa Cruz… Curious.

6. Roque Satna Cruz
The Blackburn N/T issue strikes again.

7. Steve Clarridge
Too many Rs for the ex-Leicester City man.

8. Ole Gunnar Solksjaer
Ole Gunnar hit the roof (or the kitman) when he sees that.

9. Don Hucthison
These Scottish names are difficult to fathom. The ‘ch’ combo makes such a change from the sounds the Sunderland kitman is used to. Hopefully Mr Huck-thyson understood.

10. John S’hea
Sadly, the Man Utd kitman seems to have gone on a mission to destroy any photographic evidence of the day he went crazy with John O’Shea’s name (if you have a photo, please let us know!) In the meantime, enjoy this photograph of O’Shea from the same match which suggests that Real Madrid’s sponsors were having an equally bad day. We think this one is just a quirk of fate.

And we didn’t even find space for Peter Lovenkradns or Javier Mascerano!

  • Ala

    Excellent. I hope there’s more kitman tomfoolery in the league soon.

  • Ron

    Do the kit guys get the sack and a large pension?

  • Mike

    I wonder how long it took them all to realize their names were wrong….

  • Matthew

    Mascerano wasn’t the first cock-up for the Liverpool kitman. A few years back JA Riise was wearing a Risse shirt at Anfield.

  • Tomas

    What does this link proof???
    Well, it proves that Man United have the worst kit manager in the premierleague all around with four errros and that also proof the kind of team they are (except for the past couple of seasons though) 😛

  • David

    what the hell happened to 9?

  • ST Football

    The pitch would be a less interesting place if everyone got everything right all the time!

  • dan man u fan

    tomas it is clear that you support a crap team and to fink you have the cheek to say united are crap is laughable. if there crap then what does that make the rest of england. every team in england would swap places with man united given the choice coz we are the best team in england so go sort your slef out and learn about football