Top 10 footballers named Patrick

Posted by - March 17, 2009 - Lists

Some random Patrick memories from OTP for St Patrick’s Day

1. Patrik Berger
Surely the man who did most to import the hairband to English football?

2. Patrick Kluivert
The proto-Ronaldo who blazed the Barca superstar to washed-up overweight has-been. We don’t doubt he’ll be having a few bevvies tonight.

3. Paddy Kenny
Another Patrick who doesn’t need to wait for March 17 to have a few drinks/get his eyebrow bitten off.

4. Patrick Vieira

5. Patrick Battiston

6. Pat Nevin

7. Patrick Helmes
Will probably be raising a pint of Guinness to his dead dog tonight.

8. Pat Jennings

9. Patrick Mboma
The former Cameroon international boasts 33 goals in 57 international games. He is now the US President, I believe.

10. Pat Rice
Arsenal’s assistant manager adapted quickly to the changes brought in when Arsene Wenger arrived, like the must-have side-parting.

  • Liam P

    hahaah roy keane is mental! that was well funny. i loved the way his little sidekick neville was giving viera the evil eyes

  • Ala

    Oh, Viera. Who more undeserving of a handshake-feint than meek Paul Scholes?

  • Flemming Dørken

    Ah yes, the Battiston incident. The mother of all horror-tackles. Horrible.

  • Kristen

    Ahhhh….Roy Keane.. 😀

    I will say that Patrick Helmes should be on here too, but it is ok. :)

  • Rob Parker

    Try number 7, Kristen!