Top 10 things that would probably make Jose Mourinho punch someone

Posted by - March 13, 2009 - Champions League, Italy, Lists, Manchester United

OTP’s special theories on the alleged assault

1. He spotted Arsene Wenger in nearby bushes watching him getting onto the coach through binoculars.

2. Someone was posing a threat to his daughter and/or pets.

3. Someone insulted Frank Lampard. (Maybe this should go above daughter and pets).

4. He spotted Arsene Wenger. Binoculars not necessary.

5. Someone congratulated him on his decision to leave Patrick Vieira out in recent matches and told him it was just a shame he had got it wrong on the night.

6. Someone called him the enemy of football.

7. Someone parked the team bus in front of the goal. You know he hates that.

8. Someone told him Fergie wasn’t a big fan of Portuguese wine.

9. Someone (other than Ian Wright) told him he wasn’t special enough to be the United manager.

10. Some muppet thought he could yell vitriolic abuse at Mourinho and expect not a flinch of a response, and then hide behind the fact that he had paid for a ticket to the match.