Victor Anichebe suspected of being jewellery thief

Posted by - March 12, 2009 - Everton, Oddballs

Striker grilled by cops

Everton’s Victor Anichebe was questioned by police who feared he was planning a raid on a jewellery shop. Five officers swooped on Anichebe and his friend in Knutsford, Cheshire, believing his was casing the jewellers for a robbery.

Presumably Anichebe was giving particular thought to his getaway plans given that he is on crutches at the moment after Kevin Nolan’s awful tackle on him. Anichebe’s companion was handcuffed as the striker protested: “I’m a footballer — I play for Everton. Why would I want to rob a shop?”

Police claimed the pair had been spotted acting suspiciously on CCTV and a spokesman said: “One of the males initially did not comply with the officers’ requests and was handcuffed. Both were subsequently spoken to by police and no further action was required.”

Everton have demanded an apology over the incident.

Spotted on The Sun

  • Nowthensoftlad

    It gets on my nerves when the race card continually gets used but the only reason I can think of for Anichebe’s detenion is because of his colour (Anichebe hates running at the best of time he’s not going to do it with a bust knee).

  • Ben

    Why should everton get an apology? If I was unfairly arrested, my employer wouldn’t ask for an apology.

  • Marc

    Ben, you aren’t in the public eye.

  • Nobby’s Style

    Well, if it’s good enough for Bobby Moore…