Why would Andrei Arshavin want to email Nicklas Bendtner? Eh?

Posted by - March 10, 2009 - Arsenal, Football videos, Oddballs

Russian quote machine is a Luddite

Andrei Arshavin will probably earn more money from now until the end of the season (or the week) than you are likely to see in your lifetime, but that doesn’t mean he needs to get flash with the cash over the unnecessary trappings of modern life. For instance, what would he want a Blackberry for?

Arshavin: “Everybody has Blackberry in Ingland, except me, Pavlyuchenko. What reason to have BlackBerry now?”

Inteviewer: “…to send email.”

Arshavin: “Yes, but who?!? Just Bendtner! (Laughs, incredulous) ‘How are you?’.”

Spotted on Sam Levenback via Dirty Tackle

  • Kev

    That is not him speaking – I am telling you! Funny all the same though.