Burnley boss Owen Coyle finds unexpected fame in the USA

Posted by - April 12, 2009 - Championship, Oddballs

Wrestlemania to come to Turf Moor?

Burnley manager Owen Coyle entertained English football fans and bemused ignorant Americans in equal measures when he became the subject of a prominent placard at a recent televised wrestling show in the States.

A US-based Clarets fan with a good seat held up a poster proclaiming ‘Owen Coyle is God’ throughout Wrestlemania 25 getting some unexpected TV coverage for Coyle.

Spotted on Football Banter

  • mark bithell

    the person in question holding the banner was not a us based fan but my 20 year old son jamie who went to texas with his friend….he was wearing his burnley shirt and afterwards somebody swapped his shirt for a houston dynamo shirt for whom the great ade akinbyi had just signr=ed for.

  • augustus brittle

    keep your nonesense stories to yourself mr mark bithell

  • bob smith

    How do you know its nonsense Augustus Gloop??

  • Sammy Titwanks

    Mark Blithell’s nose has just grown about 40 metres.

  • Facebook User

    Mark Bithell isn’t lying, myself and his son, Jamie are the creator of the OCIG sign at WrestleMania XXV – Wish we hadn’t of f*uking bothered now!!


  • El Dicko

    This is awesome!!! Funniest thing I’ve seen all day, thanks for creating the laughs Jamie!!!