Even Jonathan Greening’s son knows West Brom are doomed

Posted by - April 11, 2009 - Oddballs, West Brom

Four-year-old wants to know why daddy is a loser

West Brom skipper Jonathan Greening has revealed his son is being taunted in the playground because his daddy’s team is propping up the Premier League table. And Troy, aged four, has been shamed into swapping all the football stickers of his dad for players with a bit more street cred!

Greening said: “I remember six weeks ago my little boy came home and said: ‘Dad, why do all my friends call you a loser’? I just started laughing and said: ‘Do you think I’m a loser’ and he said: ‘I don’t think you are a loser’ so that was a good answer.”

But young Troy’s sticker swapping habits suggest otherwise. Greening continued: “He had all the little football cards at school and was swapping them – I think he had eight of me at one stage. I asked him where they had all gone recently and he said he had swapped them for better players – Gerrard, Lampard. There are none left of me.”

Things will only get worst when he has to collect the Championship stickers instead!

Spotted on The Mirror

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