Fabio Capello gives Peter Crouch a pre-match confidence boost

Posted by - April 1, 2009 - England, International, Portsmouth

England coach clarifies he didn’t want Crouchinho anywhere near his team

England coach Fabio Capello has taken the opportunity to tell anyone who will listen that Peter Crouch is not the sort of player he wants leading the England line – just hours before the Portsmouth striker takes to the pitch against Ukraine.

“We have to play Crouch because he’s now the best we have who can play,” said Capello as Michael Owen reached for the Revolver. Well, we all know that is why Crouch is starting but I am sure he didn’t need it spelling out quite so bluntly.

Capello continued: “My first idea was one style and one particular forward, fast and with movement. Crouch has a different style. He is not Darren Bent and not Emile Heskey. He can’t do the same movement as Heskey and can’t press like Heskey.”

So to summarise, Peter, your coach thinks you are slow, lack movement and can’t press. Now go out there and bag a hatful of goals.

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