Football Lookalikes: Dimitar Berbatov and Mark Strong

Posted by - April 16, 2009 - Lookalikes, Manchester United

A Strong resemblance

Look at these two peas in a pod. One earns his money from being typecast as moody, frowning characters… and the other one is the actor Mark Strong! Thanks to OTP reader/voluntary online marketing manager Usama for suggesting this one. See more after the jump.


We also had a shout from Chris Green that Berbatov was a bit of a ringer for a young Dean Cameron. I couldn’t really see it, but if you spot a picture in which he is undoubtedly Berba-like, let us know.

  • Martin S.

    Incredible stuff! Absolutely incredible.

  • Ryan

    There’s actually a line in Rock n Rolla where someone tells Strong’s character to go and get a pair of football boots – I assumed it was because of his similarity to a certain stroppy Bulgarian.

  • Junaid

    And who told Usama? 😛

  • Zekky

    Throw Andy Garcia into the mix too!

  • kathmcp

    Has no-one else noticed the similarity to Count von Count from Sesame St?

  • AR

    IF you see, they book actaully look like Andy Gracia( out of godfather 3), back when he was young…

  • JozE

    Berbatov’s favorite movie is The Godfather and hence there’s no wonder he takes after Andy Garcia.

  • Dimitar Berbatov

    Very funny (if a little harsh). Does look just like the top one!