GIF It: Liverpool keeper Charles Itandje prats about during the Hillsborough memorial service

Posted by - April 17, 2009 - GIF It, Liverpool, Transfer News and Gossip

How not to win over the Liverpool faithful
Charles Itandje

The chances of Charles Itandje ever amounting to more at Anfield than being Liverpool’s reserve keeper always seemed pretty slim, but they just got a whole lot slimmer. As this GIF shows, television cameras spotted the 26-year-old larking around and generally being disrespectful during Wednesday’s memorial service marking the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.

Word is the keeper will be flogged at the earliest opportunity. Any sympathy Reds fans?

  • jill

    Not particulary a red fan, just a footie fan who remembers the terrible day. The tragedy and horror unfolded on the tv. I cannot imagine what it was like to be there or how the families ever came to terms with their loss. Maybe one day the disrespectful young man will understand, and realise how inappropriate his actions were.

  • Red

    Torres was worse, laughing and winking all the way through. Total wanker.

  • Simon

    I’m not a Liverpool supporter and can therefore be objective. The clip above really shows very little. Maybe the guy was feeling a little uncomfortable and ill at ease. It certainly looks like he is squirming. Laughing? I don’t see that. Maybe there is more footage which will provide a clearer picture but based on the clip, he has nothing to answer to.

  • Miggy

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he were sold or loaned out during the summer. That was a disgraceful thing to do.

  • abc

    compation ? compassion ?

  • vall

    I am a red fun, i dont remember whole tragedy BUT i know how seriously is being taken over.. and After all, this is only prove of how much seriousness being put into this day./ Maybe i dont see him laughing, or doing anything dissrespectful, but i think he is simply messing about over there like a my 8 years old kid in school & people who lost their familie members in front of him simply did have to tolerate it, specially in day which is so so much difficult 4 them. He is obviously having a good time & from the way he look on this photo and one other picture, he;s trying to hide that he’s acually laughing of something.
    I think is not important, if he do laughing anything totally else which has nathing to do w. Hills./, the matter of fact is, that he do taking piss of something (whatever it is ..) in very very bad situation 4 to do so ..
    but i would not put too much pressure on him, as noone can blame him from crime, nothing what he would mean to do, trying dissrespect this moment etc – NO,
    i think he just didnt realize how much responsibility he is taking JUST when he take this seat on the stadium, he didnt realize that every move he makes gonna be seen etc.
    Anyway . I think the club decision is right , no matter if he meaned it or not, he simply gotta take responsibility for what he has done & he should leave the club, specially if he cant even sit on the bench properly ….how could he play on the pitch than , hm? How much money he earns just to train with 1st team & sitting on the bench, SO if the club say “SIT DOWN AND DO NOTHING<JUST SIT AND WATCH”, he simply CANT do anything else really!!!
    and if club, which paying him, will say after “look, we saw you didnt even sit properly & messing about, we think ur behaviour was not right etc.”. IS THE ALWAYS CLUB, WHO MAKES THE RULES, NOT THE PLAYER !!! SO ..IF CLUB MAKES DECISION, THAT HE;s BEHAVING BADLY during the game, THE CLUB HAS the FULL RIGHT TO DISSMISS HIM if they decide to do so !!
    He just gotta say, like a man,in front of fans before he leaves, something like
    “look, i made a mistake, i didnt realize that what i do is wrong,i hope you can forgive me my childish behaviour as i will punished enough 4 what i’ve done to the rest of my life anyway, etc etc” and maybe they really forgive him one day ,

    BUT its still a shame for him, very big reason to leave not only Lfc CLUB, but England like a country generaly!!
    as they will always remember him as “the one whos laughing on the hills. day … ” and even if someone prove that he is dont, it will be too late for him, he;s got this name already and noone can take it of him, i guess so!
    soooo i say it once again, he should leave no matter if he’s guilty or not, is matter or his own responsibility to his own behaving more than anything else & he should really take a responsibility for his own behaving, EVEN if he didnt mean it, makes no difference.

    Anyway have you ever try to apologize to your girl in style ” honey, i didnt mean to do it wrong” … the answer you get would be always
    ” maybe you didnt mean it, BUT you have done it, and is even worse & now you have to take responsibility 4 what have you done!!”
    and she will leave , trust me, she always will, if you do something whats really hurt her…even if you didnt mean it !!
    so try to put Liverpool instead of girlfriend and imagine how are things….relation ships are simply broken between Itambje & Liverpool, SO …. broke up, finish,

    or maybe I’d better say
    “didnt mean to do it” wont save him, if he do something wrong,because if he do something wrong, they will always see only what you’ve already done, but NONE of them will care of what you mean/dont mean to do !!!

  • vall

    he’s taking piss of that song!! .. loook

    i am into the different type of music too, and i am very tolerate person, but i would never believe, that someone, who has so so close relations to the club (player) will EVER do this !!

    even fans of Man UTD would not do this !! becose they know that however that music could be little boring, its a very very important to show a big respect to the people who died. And this is simple opposite of what i call respect,this what he;s shows !!!

    so we should NOT talking here about ” if he should be punished”, we should already talk about “how he should be punished” but i think i spended too too much time talking about one f..cking french frog, who is probably not gonna say a word to fans before he leaves !! ignorants !!go away i cant be bowed..

  • Junaid

    I respect all Liverpool fans and stuff but I think we’re getting a bit too carried away here…

  • Will

    I hear he has a subscription to The Sun too

  • vall

    U know who invest most money into the club ? Fans. You know who all respect from hillsborough goes to ? fans. He is sitting there, he is laughing to them, but he do taking their money every week for sitting on the fucking bench , does he !! so why there should not be given chance to someone who deserve his place more than he? why should fans watching him everytime and hearing about shame he put on club? ?? for their money? i am not carried away, i only think little bit normally, and i think that even footballers are only humans, so they should act like them, and not like the frog does!!

  • William

    I don’t know why this is a big-deal. Liverpool needs to stop milking this tragedy. I broke wind during my church’s Easter service and Jesus was down with that.

  • http://newsnow jamiesdad

    William 12:32 you say we are milking this tragedy eh. Well i will tell you this people die every day but we don’t have thousands of memorials going on all over the place. Let’s hope that one day when you grow up that a situation does not occur where you take not one but two of your children to an event which is marshalled by the state who afflict mass murder and then lie through the teeth and blame you for taking your kids there in the first place. Then after 20 years of knowing that someone killed your two kids and that nobody has been held accountable you may want to cling onto people in the same boat as yourself with the hope that one day you will find justice. That is possibly the day when Liverpool stop in your selfish words MILKING this tragedy when the families of the 96 have some closure.

  • Kristen

    He is on the transfer list as we speak….maybe….