Guus Hiddink imagines Chelsea to victory against Barcelona

Posted by - April 27, 2009 - Champions League, Chelsea

Chelsea boss is a daydream believer

It seems Guus Hiddink can’t wait for Chelsea’s clash with Barcelona tomorrow – so much so he has already imagined the match twice!

If he wasn’t so successful, you would think he was a total nutter, but Hiddink says he always plays games out in his head before the real thing. Right down to who scores the goals!

Hiddink said: “You have to think to play games ahead and I have played this Barcelona game twice in my head. In my head I have never lost a game in the preparation. But I will not tell you who scored for us – because if I do they will make a double coverage on this player!”

Hopefully these 90 minute imagination sessions are not taking place while Guus is driving or in an important meeting with Mr Abramovich. Although, judging by the photo above he might have just imagined the matches during training sessions while the players watched!

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    Cue “in his dreams” jokes? No? Anyone?