It was The Sun wot turned a club into an agent

Posted by - April 30, 2009 - Newcastle United, Oddballs, South America, Transfer News and Gossip

Tabloid hacks confused by complicated Jonas Gutierrez deal

Newcastle spent a day in court on Tuesday after which they were told they could keep hold of Jonas Gutierrez, but only after they had paid a combined total of £5.2 million to two of his former clubs. The prospect of not one, but two former clubs baffled the hell out of The Sun who were forced to claim that one of them was an agent!

The Sun reported: “Following yesterday’s ruling, the Toon will have to pay £2.6million to Gutierrez’s former club [Real Mallorca] and a further £2.6million to agent Velez Sarsfield, who holds the player’s economic rights.”

Last time we checked Velez Sarsfield was an Argentinian football club which Gutierrez played for before his move to Mallorca. The Sun has now removed the word agent from its story but still seems reluctant to believe that Velez Sarsfield is not a person. At the time of writing, the article still says: “Velez Sarsfield, who holds the player’s economic rights.”

Sadly, The Sun stopped short of quoting a source close to Mr Sarsfield!

  • Scottish Football Blog

    Quality journalism from the nation’s leading news provider. The thing that annoys me about that is that a 30 second search would have given him the information he needed. But that seems to be the standard we can expect these days.

  • roy

    Honestly who even reads ‘The Sun’ anymore, I mean haven’t we all just had enough of this ammature journalism?!