Joey Barton: the fare-dodging bookworm

Posted by - April 20, 2009 - Newcastle United

Newcastle midfielder caught without train ticket

Joey Barton was given a £61.20 penalty fare after being caught on a train service from London’s King’s Cross to Cambridge without a ticket. The midfielder was in possession of a piece of literature though.

An onlooker told The Sun: “Given his reputation, it was all about par for the course. The only thing that surprised me was that he was reading a book! He claimed he didn’t realise he had to have a ticket before getting on. But there are notices everywhere saying you can be prosecuted if you don’t.”

Barton reportedly asked why the fine was so much, despite the fact that it represents less that 0.1 per cent of his weekly pay packet!

A spokesman for Barton said he had not had time to purchase a ticket at the station.