Lassana Diarra takes a dig at Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger

Posted by - April 10, 2009 - Arsenal, Chelsea

The Professor is not teaching today

Real Madrid midfielder Lassana ‘Lass’ Diarra has said he learnt nothing from Arsene Wenger during his time at Arsenal. The 24-year-old added ammunition to Jose Mourinho’s anti-Wenger campaign by saying he preferred working with the Special One.

He said: “I didn’t learn anything from Wenger. All he taught me was how to doubt myself, how to doubt everything. I played only fifteen games and I did not have a good relationship with him. I respect the way he coaches but I learnt more with Mourinho.

“Mourinho showed me how to fight. He looked me in the eyes when he talked to me. If he had any problem, we discussed it.”

Diarra also hit out at Wenger’s man-management skills and seemed to claim he had used a Men In Black style gadget to get over his time at the Emirates.

He continued: “Wenger never said a word to me until the day I left. He spoke to the others but not with me. I feel like I never played at Arsenal. If people don’t remind me of that fact, I just forget it. It has been wiped from my mind.”

  • Carloz Goonasaurus

    well, what do you expect from an bitter and average player who luckily got purchased by a classless myopic team likely to dump him within the next 6 months ?

    Please, lets have some blogging about subjects worthy of discussions. This nonetity is just enjoying his 10 minutes of fame that will soon come to an end. — NEXT ——

  • Macu

    Are you kidding me? He’s by far the best Real Madrid player now. He’s far better than Makelele used to be. Not only does he interecept balls, but also is able to distribute them. He’s a little but strongly pulsating heart of this team.