Missing Adriano is Slumdog Millionaire

Posted by - April 6, 2009 - Italy, Oddballs

AWOL Inter striker slums it

Over the last few days you have probably read elsewhere that Adriano failed to return to Inter Milan after being in Brazil on international duty (predictable, but not really Off The Post territory). You may have also read that he failed to return calls to anyone including his mother (worrying, but not really Off The Post territory). And you have probably heard today that he was fine (who cares).

Now, finally a twist to this story that Off The Post can get its teeth into. A Brazilian police chief has revealed that the striker has been angling for a part in Danny Boyle’s next Oscar-winning film.

The missing Brazilian – who was presumed kidnapped or dead by most commentators – was hanging out in a Rio De Janeiro slum with his childhood friends. Police inspector Marcus Reimao said Adriano was depressed because his girlfriend broke up with him and went to the slum to stay with friends.

Jai ho, my friend. Jai ho.

  • http://www.dirtytackle.net Brooks

    After all that drama, I couldn’t believe that was his excuse. So lame. Mourinho is going to pull a Fredo Corleone on him for this.