MLS star in trouble for swapping shirts… with the referee!

Posted by - April 29, 2009 - MLS & US

The cheapest bribe ever?

Chicago Fire player Cuauhtemoc Blanco is under investigation by the United States Soccer Federation after allegedly presenting his match shirt from Saturday’s match with Columbus Crew to the referee.

Witnesses claim they saw Blanco – he of the Blanco Bounce (see video above) – approach the referee’s changing room with his shirt in his hand and throw it in to referee Jair Marrufo.

Columbus Crew were apparently incensed by the chatty banter between former Mexican international Blanco and the half-Mexican official before and during the match, and Marrufo’s decision to send off their defender Gino Padula for a foul on Blanco.

US Soccer spokesman Neil Buethe said: “We are speaking to all the relevant parties, including the referee crew and both teams to review the situation.”

Blanco should just thank himself lucky he wasn’t in quarantine at the time!

  • Greg

    Nonsense, Pierluigi Collina got shirts from players all the time, He actually went out onto the field with an agenda to get a players shirt for his collection, Graham Poll got Beckham’s and Zidane’s shirt, this is all nonsense

  • Rob Parker

    Well, it’s not nonsense in as much as they are under investigation. It’s being seen as visiting the ref’s room to give him a present, apparently.

  • lala

    lol good point greg