Naming Rights Lane is back

Posted by - April 1, 2009 - Tottenham

Tottenham’s architects have been busy generating more graphics

Work on Spurs’ new stadium has progressed to the extent that OTP is now able to bring you a new computer graphic of the finished article. When we first saw the plans we noted that Spurs had mastered “corporate whoredom for the unsubtle”. And this new picture has done little to change our opinion.

The new angle of Naming Rights Lane shows that rich Middle Eastern airlines could advertise themselves to passing air traffic as well as passers-by. Repeat RICH MIDDLE EASTERN AIRLINES could ADVERTISE… sorry, it must be catching.

  • billiospur

    so what! are we to believe in the credit crunch years the building is not financed to leave thfc seriously in the red by not selling naming rights??…… there will be a few green eyes and stupid comments….what has been learnt from other main stadiums, emirates ,etc……a lot!
    this plan is and will enhance the EPL football experience and is long overdue for the area.
    Well done Mr levy in his effort for the future of spurs football club for the next generations.

  • Jim

    It looks a bit like a red coloured stadium down the road at ashburton grove. hmm…..