Nicky Butt reveals the cost of car sharing, Premier League style

Posted by - April 21, 2009 - Newcastle United

Midfielder pays to ride Michael Owen’s chopper!

Newcastle duo Michael Owen and Nicky Butt are doing their bit for the environment by travelling to work together. Unfortunately for polar ice caps, their preferred method of transport is Owen’s helicopter. Butt has revealed he hands over a four-figure sum to Owen every month to help with petrol money!

Owen drops his team-mate off at his Cheshire mansion on his daily aerial commute from Tyneside, before heading on to his own pad in north Wales.

  • Christopher Ferguson

    It’s good to know that once-good players are finding out just how important it is to keep things in perspective now that they have gone through a half-decade of mediocrity. Good on you, guys, for leaving the superstar thing behind now that you’re rubbish at football.