PFA Awards are an absolute joke

Posted by - April 27, 2009 - Aston Villa, Manchester United, Ranting and Raving

Ryan Giggs and Ashley Young walk away with trophies

Given that I had already had a lengthy rant on this subject, I was going to try and let the PFA Awards go without too much comment. But the sight of Ryan Giggs and Ashley Young holding trophies has proven too much.

As I have previously said, Giggs does not deserve to be PFA Player of the Year. In fact, if I was him I would take it as an insult. This is the first time he has won the award. Is it fair to say that this fantastic winger has never merited the award until he was 35 years old, forced to move to midfield and start only a handful of games?

A bloke called John McDermott, who spent 20 years at Grimsby Town, has been given the Merit award for his services to the game. That is the award Giggs should have been in contention for! He has been a terrific servant, is still a tremendous asset and has a part to play for Manchester United, but he has not been the best player in the Premier League this season.

And Ashley Young scooping the Young Player of the Year Award highlights another of the ceremony’s flaws. Stephen Ireland, you were robbed. Voting for the awards takes place part way through the season. As we now know, Young’s form tailed off and he has done very little since Christmas.

Ireland on the other hand has gone from strength-to-strength, has dragged Manchester City along almost single-handedly and is normally involved in anything half-decent that Robinho produces.

So, Stephen, you are our Unofficial PFA Young Player of the Year.

  • Mamma Kuja

    And what about Fellaini, beyond ridiculous that Evans and Rafael get nominated for the young player of the year award while he isn’t. Just shows ya how thick the average footballer is.

  • Junaid

    There is no set criteria for the PFA player of the year, not number of goals or assists, etc. It’s about the votes of fellow players and people can say whatever they want but it just goes to show you that Giggs is still an inspiration to players. He is a role model, and although sentiment is involved, he deserves it because of his contribution to the English game over the last 17 years.
    So well done to Giggs, one of the best players ever. 😀

    P.s. I would have given the young player award to Ireland, he has had an outstanding season.

  • Naethyn

    This is hysterical. How can a player who has only featured in half of his team’s matches this season win Player of the Year? I guess nostalgia is the only criteria that matters.

  • Louwrens

    That’s the thing about the PFA awards though – it isn’t necessarily about the best player – it’s a chance for PLAYERS to honour their fellow professionals. Wait for the FIFA World Player of the Year or the Ballon d’Or to see who people actually think is the best player.

  • Mizman

    The awards are voted for by the players so how can anyone say it is not deserved. When you play against the players then you can question it. Giggsy and Ashley Young have obviously been the two players, who the other players think are the best to play against and end of…..

  • Rob Parker

    I think those are pretty idealistic views, fellas. For instance, Giggs hasn’t played against half the people who voted on it this season, Mizman, because he hasn’t played enough games.

    And while he is still an accomplished player, I think nowadays most Premier League players would rather see Giggs running towards them than Torres or Ronaldo or Gerrard.

    Louwrens, yes they are honouring their fellow professionals, but surely the basis on which they are honouring them is that they have been the best player and I don’t see how Giggs has on the basis of this season alone. If it was the PFA Player of the Decade award, I could understand him being in contention.

  • Kristen

    The awards were a fluke! All I am going to say, fluke. Btw, where was Torres in all of this? Yes, he was hurt alot, but even Cuntiano deserved a better look.

  • Zekky

    Maybe everyone voted after he scored that goal vs West Ham!

  • Beastista

    the wales would be dying to have him back in their squad now, innit? what, no?

    don’t see why not.

  • gay

    this is the gay player of the year award. giggs won it after sleeping with fergie

  • Mark

    Well done to that “bloke called John McDermott”. A loyal servant to our club and a model professional. He fully deserved the award, despite what yet another ten-a-penny rubbish “football” website thinks.

    Best football blog on the planet? Have you not read all the many other decent ones then? Try using ‘Google’.

  • Ash

    youve embarassed yourself with this blog here pal. that bloke john mcdermott is one of the games living legends and if you had an ounce of footballing knowledge you’d be aware of that and not come out with comments like that. yet another armchair manyoo fan who thinks they know the lot. jog on

  • Les

    I agree that Giggs should have been in the running for the PFA Merit award but to write “a bloke called John McDermott” shows arrogance and a total lack of knowledge of real footballing matters. The fact that Sir Alex Ferguson and Martin O’Neill made a point of seeking “the bloke” out to shake his hand shows that the awards was richly deserved.


  • Alex Green

    Wow you really have stirred up a hornets nest haven’t you what amazing journalism. Yawn. “That John McDermott Bloke” Was a highly skilled and professional footballer and touted by many higher league clubs during his time here at Grimsby he continued to play here throughout even when times were hard. Ryan Giggs couldn’t move up higher in footballing terms he reached his pinnacal when he first signed for the “Tesco” football club have a little bit more respect for footballers in the lower leagues but then again you annoyed me so much I had to write this which may earn you another penny from another internet hit. Moron.

  • jjamjj

    You’re going to get a lot of GTFC fans coming on here to call you an idiot for having a go at John McDermot. Do you realise that there are four divisions of professional football in England and that an awful lot of football fans couldn’t really give a toss about the so called premiership. Contrary to what you think, giving this award to John McDermot gives the PFA awards a lot of credit.

  • Rob Parker

    Welcome, Grimsby contingent!

    Any Mariners with an ounce of intelligence might have worked out that “A bloke called John McDermott” was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that he doesn’t get the publicity of Ryan Giggs, not a slight on his ability or any indication that he didn’t deserve the award.

    As for accusations that I’m an “armchair manyoo fan” – I don’t know too many Man Yoo fans who have written pieces saying Giggs didn’t deserve the award.

    And as for accusations that we are “another ten-a-penny rubbish “football” website” – if that’s the case then what would the Almighty John McDermott care what we have to say. So you can all calm yourselves and put the soapbox away!

  • Stephen

    ‘A bloke called John McDermott’ – Dont you think he deserves a bit more respect than that? Do you think the footballing world end at 20th place in the Premiership?

  • Mark

    To be fair though, this is a shit blog isn’t it?

  • Rob Parker


    Thousands of readers per day beg to differ, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

    Recent commenters, my previous comment is still applicable.

  • Les

    Quote –

    Any Mariners with an ounce of intelligence might have worked out that “A bloke called John McDermott” was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that he doesn’t get the publicity of Ryan Giggs, not a slight on his ability or any indication that he didn’t deserve the award.


    This should really read – Any Mariners with an ounce of intelligence might have worked out that I’ve just realised what a prat I’ve made of myself and better think up an excuse to use to make it seem ok.


  • Alex Green

    “So you can all calm yourselves and put the soapbox away!”

    Aren’t you the one on the soapbox? Considering you have a blog which headlines inflammatory remarks with which you hope to entice debate and view points and increasing your circulation as such.


  • Paddy


    Just own up to your ignorance, or write a proper article about the amazing service that John Mcdermott did not only for GTFC but also for football. To be fair the intellectually superior shite about tongue in cheek is pure BS.

    Sort it Out!

  • Paddy


    Dont see any of the “Thousands of readers per day” that ” beg to differ”

  • Rob Parker

    Right, final word from me…

    If you honestly believe that I thought an article taking a pop at Ryan Giggs being given the PFA Plyer of the Year award was the perfect opportunity to bring down John McDermott, that’s up to you.

    Our thousands of readers read this on Monday, Paddy, when it was published. The only people on this post today are following links from Grimsby websites. As you can see, nobody seemed to take offence until then!

    And if you can think of away in which an article on John McDermott’s amazing service fits into a blog which taks a “humorous and irreverent look at the beautiful game”, please let me know.

    Les, if that was the case I would have just let your comments go unanswered.

  • Lewis

    “That is the award Giggs should have been in contention for”

    So, what you are saying is Macca shouldn’t had been in contention for it? I tell you what, it takes a bigger player to play at a level much lower than his ability for 20 years. Sticking with us through thick and thin with wages a small fraction of Giggs’.

    I couldn’t think of a more deserving player! But of course you and your ignorance to lower league football begs to differ! Its an offensive article for us and you cant see that. You are basically mocking one of the most loyal players ever to grace the football league and definately will go down as our greatest ever player. You dont see service like that, so you can shove your over paid, arrogant, Premiership ‘stars’ up your arse. The footballing world extends from The Premiership. The PFA have finally recognised this and hats off to them for rightfully awarding Macca. Its a shame narrow minded idiots like yourself do not appriciate this service.

  • Alf Hookham

    John McDermott served one club for 20 years and represents all the things that are missing from Premiershite players.

    You however, are clearly just a twat.

  • Dave, Grimsby

    Your blog had some fair points until it turned into a rant as to why someone you have never heard of gets the award you thought was more deserving to your hero. The derogatory remark ‘A bloke called John McDermott’ isn’t a tongue in cheek, you made a mistake and your blog loses credabilty through you trying to worm out of it. John McDermott does a lot of hard work in the community and has done since he has been at the club. Regardless that it is Grimsby, a player could have come from any of the teams outside the Premiership and you would have stilled blabbed on as charlie big time.

    The football pyramid is there for the greater good of the game, that’s what makes it unique and diverse. The problem is that big time charlie clubs and their fans get a tunnel vision and believe that they have a God given right to everything. Tony Ford was another to win that award, a Grimsby lad and player before he went up and down the leagues with other clubs. Their are players outside the Premiership worthy of other awards but rarely get a look in.

    John is well known throughout the game and he did turn down moves to teams that would have seen him progress as a player. He stayed regardless of promotion or relegation and you can not buy that kind of loyalty.

    Maybe you should contact the Tottenham fan who is doing a book called glory hunter and see what he has to say about the lower leagues, the fans, the passion as you obviously have your head up your arse.


  • RT

    UP THE MARINERS!!!!!!!! WELL DONE MACCA….Truly well deserved!

  • Loz

    Swans fan here and I must say agree with others in this thread, totally out of order Jon lad has a good rep in the game, 20 years + at one club, bloody amazing if you ask me in these days where the games sold its soul.

    Just front up and admit u made a gaf.

  • John

    Why Giggs for a services to football award, Welsh captain with a mysterious injury every time a friendly international was played-but always available for Man Ure 3 days later. Cop out overpriced and overhyped player who couldn’t cross a ball while running.

  • The Bear, Manchester

    If the written press took 1 second to pull their heads out of the premiership clubs respective rear ends they would realise that spending 20 years at a mediocre 4th-2nd tier club, when much more generous wages were on offer for a very talented player is actually be an achievement. John McDermott stuck with Grimsby Town through thick and thin and should be applauded for doing so!
    Granted, the likes of Giggs, Scholes and Neville have stopped with clubs for a relatively long stretch of time, but would their loyalty have been the same if their wages had not compared to the achievements of the club and themselves, I doubt it.
    Macca had undoubted commitment and was the stalwart of good and bad Grimsby teams alike, he refused to be another of the rats deserting many a sinking ship and apart from anything else, was a model professional. Therefore he is deserving of a “Service to the Game” award due to commitment and professionalism, which after all is the most important part of being a sportsman, regardless of ability or wage.

  • Paddy

    Well said Alf!!! Brilliant

  • Ryan Ryan Giggs

    Guys, calm it. He was obviously being tongue in cheek.
    fucks sake, lower league fans are so up their arses ” you know there is more than the premier league”
    yeah we get it, you go to all the home and away matches, you battle it out through rain and shine to see your teams play at shit pitches, you continue to support them through the tough times and the relegation battles and the promotion oppurtunities
    blah blah fucking blah

    so do i! i have supported manchester united since i was born and i’ve always been there, just cos you support a shit team like grimsby doesn’t mean your a better fan, you disgust me you fucking retards.
    this article is well written and illustrates a valid point, just fuck you all