Rafa Benitez tells Sir Alex Ferguson to forget the mind games because he can’t understand his accent

Posted by - April 12, 2009 - Liverpool, Manchester United, Oddballs

Let’s talk about facts… the fact that I can’t tell a word your saying

Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has told his Manchester United counterpart Sir Alex Ferguson not to bother with mind games because he can’t understand his Scottish accent anyway. Benitez – renowned for his newsreader Queen’s English – told Fergie he would not be affected by his psychological warfare since most of it goes above his head.

He said: “Mind games are for managers who are affected by mind games, but I don’t understand him – because he talks in a Scottish accent.”

I wonder if I could use the same argument to convince Andy Gray to remain mute throughout Sky commentaries?

Thanks to OTP reader Liam for the tip.