Robbie Keane to star in next edition of Neighbours From Hell

Posted by - April 4, 2009 - Oddballs, Tottenham

Spurs striker lives next door to Amy Winehouse

Robbie Keane and his WAG, Claudine, had a shock last month when they discovered that the luxury house they bought in a quiet neighbourhood in north London did not have the mouse-like neighbours they had first thought. In fact, their new neighbour’s every move in the Caribbean was being reported everyday in the tabloids.

Imagine their surprise then when Amy Winehouse and her late-night callers and hangers-on rolled back into town last month. Keane is reportedly delighted that Winehouse has now headed back to St Lucia to resume work on her new album.

A source told The Sun: “Robbie and Claudine were worried their life would get swallowed up by the circus that follows Amy around. But now that she’s gone back to St Lucia, they are relived they won’t be disturbed at all hours of the night by her and her pals.

“That job will now be taken by their new baby.”