Robinho caught playing away from home

Posted by - April 9, 2009 - Europa League, Football videos, Manchester City

No, seriously

What were you expecting? Some sort of sleazy exposé? We’re afraid not, but Robinho has quite literally been caught playing away from home. He set up a goal and everything. The pint-sized has garnered a reputation among pundits with a straighter face/more mature sense of humour than me as a “homer”. And yet here he is making an assist in the first minute of Manchester City’s game against Hamburg.

Don’t worry – he was back to his usual laziness soon afterwards!

  • Someone

    Well, it’s a start, a good start of his recovery after those fucked up charges agaisnt him. Hopefully we’ll see an even better performance agaisnt Fulham :]

    But didn’t it seem like Robinho was being ignored by SWP and S.Ireland? Note how when SWP was taken out of the game Robinho started receiving more balls and became more active. Strange eh?