Rupert Lowe blames internet forums for the breakdown of his relationship with Southampton fans

Posted by - April 8, 2009 - Championship, Oddballs

Well, that and the fact that his name is Rupert

Former Southampton chairman Rupert Lowe has said he cannot counter criticism of his involvement in the Saints’ current financial plight because most of it takes place on internet forums. Lowe said most fans hid behind “anonymous IP addresses”. He added: “Therefore it is very difficult to answer it.”

The irony of this will not be lost on those who recall that Lowe was once exposed for hiring a PR firm to infiltrate Southampton forums to make positive posts about him. The plot was uncovered by one webmaster who noticed suspiciously pro-Lowe posts from three users and tracked them down to the single IP address of the PR company!

Sadly, for Lowe this came after one of PR firm’s spoof posters had called him a “ruddy faced tosser” in an attempt to deflect suspicion.

But OTP is a firm believer in letting bygones be bygones, so if any Saints fans want to leave comments below (without hiding behind anonymous IP addresses, of course) then we will try to get Lowe to answer them.

  • Nick

    The man has well & truly lost it. Good riddance to the ruddy faced tosser!

  • Matt Paul

    Well i am one of those that have been in on his case since day one and rightly so. Lowe not only was caught out using a PR firm he also has a couple of mates posting stuff on forums as well ! In fact maybe someone should ask Rupert what his relationship is with Marc Jackson. Poor old Wacko was used by Rupes to make up loads of takeover waffle to plant on fans forums and stir up trouble out of office.

    Whilst Lowe pumps utter rubbish in newspapers where he has mates and contacts the fans simply publish the facts that are there for all to see.

    Just look up ‘Narcissistic personality disorder’ and think of Lowe.

  • Bella

    In one respect Lowe is right. Those fans who saw him as the bringer of evil did use the internet effectively against him.

    And for all the accusations that he was all spin, Lowe didn’t know anything about PR and how to handle an effective communications strategy. If he’d been any good at spin, there were enough good stories around ( and enough other people to blame) that he could still be on a job even now. After all we’ve had worse chairman who have come up smelling of roses.

    Lowe was an easy target and that’s good enough reason for him to go. Hopefully the next man or woman in the hot seat will be made of tougher stuff. And have a better PR strategy.

  • David Smith

    Rupert Lowe is arrogant, incompetent, and only takes his own advice. He also misrepresents the facts to suit himself. He it was who sold Walcott and Bale nobody else, and others too while failing to reinvest in adequate replacements on the basis of like for like. That is why we went down at least in part.
    The main reason for the club’s downfall was the hopelessness of Lowe’s original acquisition of the club in a reverse takeover. His company did not have the funds nor an adequate business plan for such a transaction, added to which
    Mr Lowe then proceeded to commit the holding company to debt it could not realistically finance whilst at the same time providing adequate liquidity to finance player acquistions. Southampton were doomed from the start and were it not for the brilliance of one very loyal and brilliant player Matt Le Tissier the club would have been relegated long since.
    It is a tribute to Matt that the club’s rapid decline can be traced to when Matt hung up his boots. He was never replaced and in the whole of the time Lowe was chairman not one player acquisition was worthy of note.
    Incidentally if anyone connected with the club should read this kindly take note that the club’s best defence against sanctions by the football league lies in the exposure of Lowe as the main architect of the club’s demise and I will in any event petition the Football League myself to ensure that this defence is admitted.
    The Football League should never have allowed the club to be the subject of a reverse takeover by an underfunded company headed by Lowe, a man with no previous experience of football. The League can hardly blame the club for its predicament, nor for the fact that Lowe compounded the error by committing the club to investment in a stadium that the club could not afford as first priority has to be given to maintaining sufficient liquidity to finance normal outgoings which includes a reasonable level of acqusitions commensurate with the club’s status as a Premier League club of many years standing.
    The League must accept its share of responsibility and should have taken steps to block the original acquisition.That they did not and then proceeded to endorse Rupert Lowe as a member of their committee beggars belief what did they think they were doing?
    As things stand the city of Southampton stands to lose its football club thanks to the gross negligence of all concerned and it would be inappropriate to punish those that are really suffering in all this the football fan.
    I will also be informing the League that I have in my possession a complete list of all the shareholders in the Holding company including the dates upon which shares were acquired, and I will insist upon a full and proper investigation of each and every transaction from the time Rupert Lowe was confirmed as chairman of the club.The implications of the aforegoing are I think transparent.

  • Jesus_02

    I have been opposed to Lowe since his underhanded and ill-fated reverse takeover.

    The biggest mistake that he made was the stadium. Not acquiring it, we couldn’t have survived in the premiership without a modern stadium and I believe that we probably had the cheapest one going.

    The mistake was the mortgage terms that where agreed, as we where unable to make additional payments to reduce the debt. Player sales could have reduced the debt. Instead they helped pay the shareholders and the mortgage re-payments.

    Lowe seemed to believe that the club could produce an endless stream of talent that would be sold to other clubs and not disenfranchise the fans.

    Lowe did not even look to build of success on the field. We didn’t enter the intertoto cup on a voluntary basis as we “didn’t have the squad to last the season”.

    We greeted the FA cup and subsequent inclusion in the UEFA cup with further player sales and dividends paid to share holders. The man was completely ignorant to the fact that we had over achieved and need to seize the opportunity to move forward. He simply thought that we could replicate this moderate success by investing more in training facilities, staff and academy.

    As with this season we bought midfielders by the bucket and tried to convert them into whatever position that needed to be covered (we still don’t have a senior full back at the club for Christ sake!).

    In short Lowe continued to try to polish turds in the name of risk reduction. Risk reduction, yes risk reduction. Read his and Cowen’s mission statement. Now we are likely to be punished by rules bough in to stop teams like leads spending the earth on players and wages to become a world force!

    I tell you that Damned United have a lot to answer for!

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  • Mister E

    You fans are asleep, wake up to what is really going on in football. If you all gave this a try would see for yoursel: Fans world wide should boycott season tickets. The clubs would have no choice but to sell them match by match. Everytime a team loses or draws a game to a team they, shouldn’t punish them. Don’t buy tickets for the next 3 games, do it for this season and see how long football remains “a funny old game”. Not long guaranteed; WAKE UP, for crying outloud! It stopped being a genuine sport a long time ago. And because fans haven’t cottoned on, clubs have just become more blatant about it. They have no respect for YOU, the question is do you have any for yourselves, or are you one of the mugs who is content to shell out your hard earned in exchange for second rate football.