Ryan Giggs has not been one of the best six players in the Premier League this season

Posted by - April 17, 2009 - All News, Manchester United, Ranting and Raving

So why is he nominated for PFA Player of the Year?

Ryan Giggs is a wonderful football player. He is still a joy to watch and he still has a part to play for Manchester United: an old head who has been there and done that as United seek to make history this season. But has he really been the best player in the league this season?

I would suggest not. I’m not criticising Giggs’ form – it has been very good – but has he performed as well and as regularly as someone like Frank Lampard? The Chelsea midfielder has played more games, scored more goals and, in my opinion, generally played at a much higher level than Giggs this season. And yet he misses out on the six-man shortlist.

There are of course the much talked about ‘sentimental’ reasons for Giggs’ inclusion. But this is the Player of the Year award, not a Lifetime Achievement Award. It would be a joke if he won because there is no way he has been the best player in the league this season.

Giggs is a credit to himself and Manchester United to still be playing as well as he does in the position he does at 35 and deserves many plaudits. Just not this one.

  • Usama

    Where the HECK did Ronaldo come in from?

  • Louwrens

    I just got a message from Ollie that Pies is coming back.
    Are the two of you going to co-exist or morph into one ultra-blog? Pies Mk II, original line-up and all?

  • http://manu PeteV

    Riggs isn’t Portuguese or Spanish which might indicate why he is listed. I believe Ronaldo leads the league in scoring during his “off” year.

  • http://n/a footie analyst

    Ryan are u smoking your freakin socks, mate?

  • Junaid

    I guess it’s because Giggs influences the game positively for United, and at his age that is an achievement in itself. Besides he has performed quite well in certain games, his performance against Chelsea at OT was outstanding. As for Ronaldo he is the top scorer in the EPL despite playing fewer games than most. Give credit where credit is due.

  • Junaid

    However I would have Lampard as a candidate…he has been brilliant this season.

  • Usama

    Last time I checked, Ronaldo had as many goals as Anelka. Why isn’t the league’s leaing scorer for the vast majority of the season in the nominations? Yes, he hasn’t scored for a while, but he did the job effectively in the absense of Drogba and now the big man himself is back to take charge of goalscoring duties. And a certain Mr. Frank is only one behind Gerrard and 3 behind Lampard, and has had a huge influence on his team, right up there with what Gerrard has. This nomination list is a joke.

  • Usama

    leading* and 3 behind Ronaldo*

  • Hasan Khalid

    What dis idots didnt select giggs