Stephen Ireland gets his car resprayed after Man Yoo mickey-taking

Posted by - April 16, 2009 - Manchester City, Manchester United

Or maybe it was just to match his hoodie and baseball cap

Manchester City midfielder Stephen Ireland has spent £10,000 getting his new car resprayed after his team-mates picked on him for the original red colour scheme. Ireland, who is more accustomed to jibes about baldness and fake grandparents, bowed to peer pressure and got his £100,000 Audi R8 repainted in City colours.

Thanks to OTP reader Tom Commins for sending this in.

  • fen

    more money then sense these footballers. £10,000!!!! that’s a new car in itself

  • nigel

    money well spent – the R8 is a nice car, why spoil it with Rag colours

  • martin

    looks the same shade of pink as his Range Rover to me

  • Gazinio

    If you got it why not spend it…. Stephen Ireland has ropey taste anyway, we all know that!

  • bluesboy

    A message to the rags who think they will be signing Superman this summer.

  • Istanbultheywerelying

    why would united want to sign a middle rate midfielder, the only reason he looks any good this season is because everyone else has gone missing. Robinho is a waster and who else have you got, comeone you idiots give us another reason to laugh at you fools, shame his new paint job looks like it should be parked on canal street

  • andymcfc

    if youve got that sort of money to spend then get it spent!!… and if you can call stephen ireland middle rate then you must walk the streets with a guide dog and stick.. hes a better midfielder than and of united, arsenals. you just dont want to accept thte fact that city have a decent player when your used to us being in the shadows of united… not for much longer.. city on the up!! Come On City!!

  • http://NEWSNOW Blue_heart

    Well Well Little Tom you will have to control your jealousy won’t you.
    Go and cry in the corner little Tom and play with your Dinky.

  • Feed the Goat

    Nothing to do then with special need’s half wits supporting the pretend Manchester Club it was the teamates at Gods own Football Club who insisted he change.
    For a small site attracting no attention why not ask why the pretend Manchester club is losing money hand over fist and is £46 million more in debt than this time last year or isa sad story on a players car real journalism ?

  • Rob Parker

    “after his team-mates picked on him for the original red colour scheme”

    Seems like you would know more about half-wits than most…

  • keith

    fuckin scum turnin his back on his country liike that i hope he wraps it around a pole .

  • Pattttt

    haha Stephen Ireland grew up a Man Utd fan, his new car for his girlfriend (its hideous…. the car not the girlfriend) is in red and white.

  • Robert

    To do what he has done to a Bentley is criminal. If he thinks that has improved an already beautiful car it explains why he doesn’t play for his country anymore, a reasonably good footballer but a total idiot! I don’t think it could look worse if he painted flames down the side. Hideous!


    Well looks like the Villa players will be taking the pee out of him again… BUT HEY HE HAS THE MONEY… Claret and white is a good mix…lol