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The FA asks Jermaine Jenas to explain the bleedin’ obvious

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  • Jared Montz

    Glad that one is clear now!

    Should be a nice fine for him…

  • chivers

    Strange how many refs seem to come out at old trafford for the second half intent on giving something to the home side.

  • ROG

    or put another way,if you was more intelligent mr webb,you could be a fucking half wit ,hope that helps fa ?

  • JohnnyB

    Have the FA yet written to Mr Webb to demand an explaination for his strange decisions…or are they going to just back his decision regardless?

  • Mic

    No one see the irony? Webb crumbled? Surely he means Spurs crumbled? I mean Webb made 2 bad decisions, Palacios should’ve walked and the penalty but hell, even with two bad decisions it was Spurs who crumbled.

  • Alex Chilton

    If you “were” more intelligent.

  • billio

    what are the FA doing trying to supress opinion?

    there is a problem in the speed of the EPL games and the mental pressures refs have to deal with….so solutions and better ref systems in maintaining high standards should be
    the FA,s prime concern….video ref debate or equivalent …….

    pathetic to treat jenas this way

    why the lack of respect (to jenas), to professional sportspeople in this area?

    ie; your opinion means nothing!