Top 10 conclusions Champions League quarter-finals 7 April

Posted by - April 7, 2009 - Arsenal, Champions League, Conclusions, Lists, Manchester United

1. Porto must be the nearest thing Manchester United have to a bogey team. Shades of ’04.

2. Sir Alex Ferguson will be hoping to avoid too many games played at that pace as United work through their busy fixture schedule. Talk about energy-sapping, that was non-stop. Cracking to watch though.

3. The sexy goals were in Villarreal. Marcos Senna’s long-range strike and Emmanuel Adebayor’s superb bicycle kick were beautiful.

4. The referee was brave turning down Hulk’s very penalty shout. I thought… what do you mean that gag’s been done a thousand times before?

5. Bruno Alves was feeling generous. Terrible defending to hand Manchester United a goal, but credit Wayne Rooney for being alert to the potential to profit from the backpass.

6. United were absolutely terrible in the first-half. Whether they were caught cold by Porto’s gung ho approach is debatable, but what is certain is that their marking and pressing were virtually non-existent.

7. You can tell the result meant as much to Jesualdo Ferreira as it did to Jose Mourinho back in the day. The 62-year-old’s hips obviously didn’t allow the full-on knee slide.

8. Arsenal could have done without the injuries they picked up Spain. Good job they at least got a decent result out of it.

9. David Pleat never ceases to amaze. Of course there were the usual mispronunciations, but I was particularly amused by his comment that John O’Shea is “an unsung servant” to Manchester United.

10. And Clive Tyldesley needs to hand back any physics qualifications he might have and his membership card to The Incredible Hulk Fan Club after coming out with a mangled version of The Incredible Hulk storyline, including stating that he was a medical scientist “affected by gamma rays from sunspots”.

In fact in the TV series, the sunspots were just a theory Dr David Bruce Banner had to explain emotional stress in others. His tendency to turn green was caused by the high doses of gamma rays he gave himself during research into this. In most other versions of the story it was caused by gamma rays from a bomb. Thanks to OTP reader Will Davies for spotting this and for pointing out, quite rightly, that given it was such a good match we probably didn’t need a potted history of The Incredible Hulk!