Top 10 conclusions England 2-1 Ukraine

Posted by - April 2, 2009 - Conclusions, England, International, Lists


1. Late is better than never. England looked they had let two points slip, but John Terry’s late goal puts them back on track.

2. Either Fabio Capello is a lucky manager or England have inherited his winning mentality. That is the sort of game that would have gone badly under Steve McClaren. England were not at their best, but still got the right result.

3. To England fans still moaning that David Beckham doesn’t merit a place in the squad, hopefully that is case classed. At the peak of his fitness? No. Past his best? Probably. Likely to beat his man? Never. Capable of delivering deadly set pieces which create goals? Of course.

4. You can definitely see Capello’s new look passing game and flair taking effect. Two goals from knockdown headers in the penalty area win the match!

5. Getting told off by Capello might have actually made Wayne Rooney grow up. By far the best and most sensible England player on the pitch, and seemingly the only one who could see that with the final whistle looming holding onto the ball was more important than getting another cross into the box.

6. Now if he could just get his collar in order.

7. As previously mentioned on the site, he might be hated by Fabio Capello, slow, static and unable to press defenders, but Peter Crouch is also able to swing those lanky legs at ridiculous angles to great effect.

8. So Andriy Shevchenko at least learned how to get the better of Glen Johnson, John Terry and Ashley Cole while in England. It was just defenders who weren’t playing for Chelsea he had the problem with.

9. It is reassuring to know that even Fabio Capello is not immune to the tiresomeness of Aaron Lennon’s misplaced passes. Clearly the half-time team-talk about the importance of PASSING TO MEN WEARING WHITE didn’t have the intended impact as he was hauled off early in the second-half.

10. I watched the match with Portuguese commentary, so catchphrase of the day is ‘Gleen Jawnsawn’.

  • Sheps

    agree that lennon was ABSOLUTELY terrible. Wish I would have chosen portugese commentary over David Pleat, there is only one word to describe that man: cretin

  • Hawkeye

    I have to disagree with #5. He was sensible for holding the ball up in the dying minutes, but could easily have cost us the match by a reckless challenge that really should have been a straight red. Completely unnecessary challenge and completely the opposite of what was needed; running the risk of having our best player (?) get sent off for a stupid challenge is, well, stupid.