Top 10 conclusions FA Cup semi-finals

Posted by - April 20, 2009 - Arsenal, Chelsea, Conclusions, Everton, FA Cup, Lists, Manchester United

1. That would be goodbye quintuple then.

2. Thank goodness for penalties or you might have only been reading conclusions on the Arsenal-Chelsea match.

3. Sir Alex Ferguson reached aubergine on the purple-o-meter when Danny Welbeck didn’t get a penalty after being tripped by Phil Jagielka.

4. I suspect he went a shade darker when he got his hands on Dimitar Berbatov after that ‘penalty’.

5. Lukas Fabianski must be a failed sweeper given the amount of time he spent in the middle of nowhere on the edge of his penalty area.

6. Frank Lampard’s assist for Florent Malouda’s goal is the sort of pass you could watch all day long. In fact, if you have got nothing better to do:

7. Tim Howard must have a better iPod than Ben Foster.

8. Shame about the Wembley pitch. It is a bit of state, and these occasions deserve better.

9. Congratulations to Everton. They deserve a shot at the FA Cup after their progress in recent years. Paul Rideout, anyone?

10. As the great philosopher Suggs said ahead of the 1997 FA Cup final: “We’re gonna make this a blue day.” This one is going to be very blue indeed.

  • Zekky

    I missed the Arsenal game, but from the extended highlights I saw Fabianski was absolute rubbish. But a patched up defence held up for that long…could this signal the Arsenal summer exodus now? It’s a tough ask to beat ManU in CL.

  • Mohamed S.

    During the replay the Arabic commentator said this about the pass:

    “Watch Watch the classic traditional english long pass from Frank Lampard!”

  • Aged

    Lampard pass was just a typical hoof from one of the more overrated English players (and that is a large group). The great control and shot from Malouda is the true highlight of that highlight. Shame old Fatty Lamps gets the credit.