Top 10 conclusions Premier League weekend 25-26 April

Posted by - April 27, 2009 - Conclusions, Lists, Premier League

1. Shocking decision from Howard Webb. There is no way that was a penalty and Spurs can feel hard done by. Heurelho Gomes clearly got the ball and it can go on the long list of dubious penalties awarded to Manchester United at Old Trafford.

2. Having said that, the Liverpool fans moaning that Howard Webb has cost them the title are deluded to say the least. Firstly, United won the game by three clear goals in the end. Secondly, they had the title wrapped up after your draw to Arsenal last week.

3. I suspect Barcelona will not be quaking in their boots in the wake of Chelsea’s victory over West Ham.

4. Arsenal have finally found a use for Nicklas Bendtner. Standing in front of goalkeepers in an offside position blocking their view while a team-mate capable of hitting a cow’s backside with a banjo finds the net.

5. Caleb Folan has been watching too much of Real Madrid.

6. We knew Manchester United’s defence was having a bit of a wobble, but making Darren Bent look like an in-form striker is a new low.

7. West Brom’s brand of football looked deadly against Sunderland, but maybe that is because the Black Cats are a Championship quality side.

8. Fulham will end up qualifying for the Uefa Cup by virtue of the fact that they seem to be the only club that wants to qualify for the Uefa Cup. Yes, we know it is going to be called the Europa League.

9. Cristiano Ronaldo definitely want to leave Manchester United.

10. Robinho feels at home anywhere in the Granada television region. That is the only way we can justify his away goal at Everton.

What did you conclude, folks?

  • Mic

    I concluded that Palacios should’ve walked on 6 mins and that this thread is a load of crap and a lame attempt at being funny. Strange you don’t mentioned Mascheranos dive for the first goal or Lucas handball in the build up to Kuyts goal meaning it should’ve finished 1-1 while ours should’ve been 4-2 (based on the penalty decisions, not the red card Palacios should’ve had).

  • footballbits

    Amazing how 3 and bit months later, how relevant these still sound and in some cases how accurate

  • footballsouvenirs

    Very true, No.9 we have known this for some time, no one is bigger than the club