Top five conclusions Liverpool 4-4 Arsenal

Posted by - April 22, 2009 - Arsenal, Conclusions, Lists, Liverpool, Premier League

1. I imagine that is a pretty hollow way to go top of the table, Liverpool fans. Level on points having played two more games than United looks pretty ominous.

2. An incredible match for the neutral though (highlights here, if you haven’t seem them yet).

3. Someone should make sure Liverpool play a Tuesday night fixture every week. I could get used to these eight-goal thrillers!

4. After the FA Cup semi-final, OTP had a dig at Lukas Fabianski’s positioning and said that he must be a failed sweeper since he had spent so much time in the D. Someone ought to tell that standing in the back of goal as the ball is about to cross the line is not advisable either. Somewhere between those two extremes, Lukas.

5. Andrei Arshavin might be starting to find his feet in the Premier League! And the celebrations were just as good as the goals – you have got to love that guy’s face.

And what did you conclude, OTP readers?

  • Martin S.

    It’s actually pretty good from Arsenal without key players, coming to Anfield and get a result like this. Signs of another great Wenger side?

  • footygirl

    I thought that Arsenal are definitely going to lose without Adebayor and Van Persie but Arshavin did it! he was incredible.. when was the last time that a player scored 4 goals in Anfield?

  • David ‘Cedar’ Naylor

    Arshavin was a one-man season-shattering crew out there last night. Brilliant football.

  • http://OffthePost Davros

    Andy Gray trying his hardest to justify Arsenal’s first goal as offside was just embarrassing! Even when the side on camera angle proved him wrong and even when that last defender line proved him wrong – he still tried to convince everyone watching the lino was wrong….Only person to believe him? Stevie Me in the studio!

  • Usama

    Footygirl – not too long ago. Julio Baptista in 2007 in the 6-4 Carling Cup defeat.