Top five conclusions Manchester United 1-0 Arsenal, Champions League semi-final first leg

Posted by - April 29, 2009 - Arsenal, Champions League, Conclusions, Lists, Manchester United

1. Congratulations to any crazy people who put money on John O’Shea to score the first goal. An unlikely hero to say the least.

2. Arsene Wenger really missed a trick playing Emmanuel Adebayor up front alone. It was too much to ask for him to take on Ferdinand and Vidic alone. A better tactic would have been to deploy Adebayor in the hole behind a coughing and sneezing Carlos Vela. Just watch that defence open up!

3. Fergie must be mellowing in his old age. A few moaning comments to the media about not playing any big games and all of a sudden Carlos Tevez is starting a Champions League semi-final. He would be starting more big games if it was up to me but still, that would have been a boot-to-the-head offence in the old days.

4. Someone ought to tell Anderson that when you are being substituted – the one time the cameras are guaranteed to be on you – is not the best time to pick your nose.

5. It is very nicely poised for the second leg at the Emirates. Fergie will be happy to get away without conceding an away goal, while Wenger would probably have settled for the narrow margin of defeat before kick-off. Let the real fireworks commence!

  • Usama

    Do try to look for a video of the Anderson substitution – I was finding my maths far more interesting than the game at that time!

  • Rob Parker

    You weren’t the only one to switch off – Fergie was yawning and rubbing his eyes at one stage.

    Try to find vid, but could be tricky.