Video: Brazilian player Thiago Neves sent-off for throwing ball at ball boy!

Posted by - April 17, 2009 - Football videos, Oddballs, South America

Of all the people to throw it at, that seems most appropriate

Yet more crazy scenes from Brazil, where Fluminense forward Thiago Neves was sent-off for throwing the ball at a ball boy. With his side trailing 2-0 to Águia Marabá, Neves trotted across to take a corner. For some reason best known to himself, he took exception to the manner in which he received the ball from the ball boy and promptly threw it straight back at his head!

The linesman spotted the incident and called the referee over, who then dismissed Neves for his aggression towards the ball boy. Well, we say ball ‘boy’ – he was in fact 28-year-old Daniel Ferreira.

Ferreira, who also works as a bouncer, said: “I didn’t understand why the ball was thrown at me. But everything is OK. It did not injure me.”

The ball-boy was also withdrawn from the action after the incident.

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